Frequently Arrrrsked Questions

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Frequently Arrrrsked Questions

What is a Poker Run?
Put your running shoes away. It’s not that kind of run. The event actually has little to do with poker, beyond using the hand-rankings to score the event. You don’t need to know a great deal about poker to take part, other than what beats what in the scoring – and even that should be done for participants by the organizers. Essentially a poker run is an excuse to meet up, take off, and have a good time at the stops en route.

Participants meet at a pre-arranged point, and pick up details of their route and the stops they need to make. Each participant is given a score card which will be filled in as they progress along the route. At each designated stop, the participants draw a card at random. The card drawn is recorded on each participant’s score card, and the winner of the event is the participant who makes the best five card poker hand at the end of the event.

What can I win?
Loot. Plain and simple. The top three hands will be awarded a king’s ransom in family fun prizes.

Where do we go?
Everyone will start and finish at the Savannah Yacht Club. Non-members may use the day docks on the West side of the tower during the event. After setting off with map and crew, there will be six host docks that can be visited at your leisure in any order. The longest run is about 15 minutes from the start. Please observe local regulations – some pirate ships have blue lights…

Who can participate?
Anyone! This is a family affair and if you enjoy a fun day on the water get you crew together, load up and take to the waters for a great cause.

Why should I sign up?
Because, on this day, the pirate in all of us has one common enemy… and we can all help win the battle by raising a few gold coins for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. To date, the Leukemia Cup Weekend of Events at the Savannah Yacht Club has raised over $4 million for the cause.

Do I need a costume?
We won’t make you walk the plank, but if you fancy an eye patch or more… put it on!

Where can I get more information?
For more information, please contact Sarah Grubbs, Campaign Manager, at 912.436.3275 or

What are the Rules?
Refer to the Pirates’ Code