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The Pirates’ Code


The Pirates’ Code – Pirate Poker Run Rules

1. Players under 18 must have parent or guardian signature on registration form.
2. Fee: $100 per boat including one poker hand chance. Additional scoring sheets for boat crew may be purchased for $20.00 each. There will be no refunds. One scoring sheet per person.
3. This is not a timed event and there is no need to rush to each venue. There will not be any prizes for arriving first at each venue.
4. You must have your scoring sheet with you at all checkpoints to draw a card.
5. You will draw one card at each Host Dock. You can travel in any order. Scoring sheets must
be validated and stamped by the host of each Host Dock.
6. You will draw your final card at the Check-In Table located at the Savannah Yacht Club.
7. Scoring sheets must be turned in by 5:00p.m. at Savannah Yacht Club to be valid.
8. A hand will consist of at least 4 cards acquired during the run and the final card will be drawn before the award ceremony after the run.
9. Participants will be allowed to draw their own cards at the Host Docks. Scoring sheets must be validated by the Captain of each Host Dock.
10. Each Host Dock Captain will be given a different stamp used to validate the scoring sheets. You must have at least four different stamps in order to draw your final card.
11. Participants will be required to get at least four cards from different Host Docks. If a card is missed due to mechanical or medical emergency, missing cards may be acquired at the Savannah Yacht Club at the end of the run.
12. You may not have someone else get your card for you! No exceptions.
13. Any poker hand arriving after 5:00 pm will be disqualified.
14. High hand wins. Hands with 5 of a kind are not permitted. High Hands will be ranked as follows: 1) Royal Flush 2) Straight Flush 3) Four of a Kind 4) Full House 5) Flush 6) Straight 7) Three of a Kind 8) Two Pair 9) Pair and 10) High Card. For Low Hands, Straights and Flushes do not count as combos, Aces are counted as low; below Twos.
15. In the event of a tie, the winning players will pick a card from the deck, high card wins.
16. Several decks (2 or more) will form the shoe. It is entirely possible to draw duplicate cards.
17. No duplicate cards can be used. Participants must draw additional card if an identical card is drawn.
18. All participants must be present at the Check-in table to draw their last card and must be present at the final awards ceremony to receive any prizes.
19. Be courteous and yield right of way to other watercraft at all times
20. All decisions by the judges are final.
21. Other rules may be put in place the day of the run at the judges’ discretion. Announcements will be made prior to the start if any changes are required
22. It is recommended that life jackets be worn for the duration of the poker run. Each Captain is required to comply with all U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations for safe boating and maintain up-to-date insurance.